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Yoga Mats
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Athletic dynaMat (5mm)

Your mat should be able to keep up with you. We designed this Athletic Yoga Mat to be wider and long..


Fitness Mat (15mm)

Get the ultimate comfort and support during any exercise with this 15mm thick Fitness Mat. With non-..


Performance Alignment Grip Yoga Mat (5mm)

You will be slip-free and pose perfect on our Performance Alignment Grip Yoga mat from our premium l..


Performance Cork Yoga Mat (5mm)

It’s one of the greatest materials yoga’s ever met: cork. A sustainable, naturally cushioned materia..


Performance Jute Yoga Mat (5mm)

From our drive to push the edges of sustainable technology comes our Performance Jute Yoga Mat. Made..


Performance Longer/Wider Dry-Grip Yoga Mat (5mm)

You will be slip- and worry-free on our Performance Longer and Wider Dry-Grip Yoga mat from our prem..


Performance Mandala Cork Yoga Mat (5mm)

All-natural sustainable cork is eco-friendly, lightweight and durable. The closed-cell construction ..


Performance On-the-Go Pro Yoga Mat (2mm)

This Performance On-The-Go Yoga Mat is ideal for travel, quickly folding up for easy storage and sna..


Performance Premium-Grip Yoga Mat (8mm)

Protect your joints and get more comfortable during your practice with our Performance Premium-Grip ..


Performance Yoga Mat (6mm)

This is one mat we know your environmental side will like. Made of eco-friendly TPE, our Performance..


Premium Alterra Yoga Mat (6mm)

Our Alterra mat features calming colors with a design that’s reminiscent of the ocean’s gentle waves..


Premium Metallic Medallion Yoga Mat (6mm)

A unique and stylish metallic design will help this mat stand out from the crowd at the studio. With..


Premium Metallic Sunset Yoga Mat (6mm)

Although the stylish metallic design is beautiful and inspiring, the mat is a yoga workhorse, with 6..


Premium Niagara Yoga Mat (6mm)

This gorgeous, multidimensional blue-fade design is the epitome of effortless elegance—a mat that wi..


Premium Retro Rhythm Yoga Mat (6mm)

Our retro-inspired design of groovy pink and purple takes you back in time to when life was simpler ..