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Acupressure Mat & Pillow

There really is healing in stillness—especially when you’re lying on hundreds of acupressure points...


Aromatherapy Kit

It’s aromatherapy for anywhere. Take our super-compact USB-powered essential oil diffuser wherever y..


Back Reliever

Stretch and sooth tired sore muscles in the back with the ultimate Back Reliever. With an ergonomic ..


Duo Massage Roller

Get advanced relief with this Duo Massage Roller. This versatile massage tool can be used as a massa..


Gaiam Relax Massage Roller

Target pressure points, increase circulation, and alleviate sore muscles with this wooden Gaiam Rela..


Gaiam Restore Dual Zone Back Roller

Reduce muscle soreness and increase circulation with this compact Dual Zone Back Roller form Gaiam. ..


Gaiam Restore Hot & Cold Foot Roller

The Restore Hot & Cold Foot Roller from Gaiam is ideal for relieving pain from plantar fasciitis..


Gaiam Restore Multi-Grip Stretch Strap

Get a little help going deeper into postures and stretches with the Restore Multi-Stretch Strap..


Gaiam Restore Pinpoint Back Massager

This innovative Restore Pinpoint Back Massager from Gaiam delivers focused pressure for pinpointed r..


Gaiam Restore Posture Corrector

Help strengthen and correct your posture with the Gaiam Restore Posture Corrector. One-size fits all..


Gaiam Restore Pressure Point Massager

Rejuvenate tired sore muscles with this Restore Pressure Point Massager from Gaiam. This hand-held t..


Gaiam Restore Ultimate Foot Massager

Relieves tightness in your feet, hands, arms and legs with the Restore Ultimate Foot Massager from G..


Hot & Cold Foot Roller

This Hot & Cold Foot Roller is ideal for relieving pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and ..


Hot/Cold Massage Therapy Balls

Hot/Cold Massage Therapy Balls release tension from muscles in the back, shoulders, glutes and feet...


Restore Adjustable Massage Roller - Purple

The Adjustable Massage Roller gives you hundreds of massage options, all in one hand held tool. You ..